College of Design Special Opportunity Application


You have been provided this link in association with an opportunity to apply for funding assistance in one or more of the following areas that are separate from the annual College of Design tuition scholarship application:

  • Academic research
  • Internship; residency; or exhibiting your work
  • Conference presentation of your academic work
  • Conference attendance in your field of study
  • In-person viewing of significant works of art/architecture/monuments related to your field of study
  • Career-related research, such as informational interviews, site visits, job shadowing, etc.
  • Job interviews
  • Emergency tuition support
  • Other

By clicking “apply” below, you will be taken into the application, which is a series of short questions. Please refer to the email in which you received this link for specific instructions, including the deadline, and be sure to follow those closely in order to submit an eligible application. Because this application is used throughout the year for a variety of opportunities across all College of Design majors, some of the questions may not apply to every opportunity, and are noted as such.


Please direct questions to the person or office from which you received the email with this application link.

Award Amounts Vary
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