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Within the UO Scholarship Dashboard, completing a General Application is your first step to creating a student profile and being directed to scholarships you may want to pursue. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the following scholarships within the UO Scholarship Dashboard.

Open Now:

  • UO Diversity Excellence Scholarship (Spring, Summer and Fall 2023 Transfer Students only)
  • UO General University Scholarship (Spring, Summer and Fall 2023 Transfer Students only)
  • Opportunity Through Excellence Scholarship (Office of the Dean of Students)
  • Osher & Crankstart Re-Entry Scholarships (Office of the Dean of Students)
  • Health Professions Program Scholarships


  • UO Stamps Scholarship
  • College of Design Scholarships
  • UO Presidential Scholarship
  • UO Diversity Excellence Scholarship (Incoming Freshmen)
  • School of Journalism & Communication Scholarships
  • College of Education Scholarships
  • College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office Scholarships
  • International Student Support Services (Endowed & ICSP) Scholarships
  • UO Diversity Excellence Scholarship (Current UO Undergraduate students)
  • UO General University Scholarship (Current UO students Incoming Incoming Graduate and Incoming Law)

Other programs, departments and colleges on campus may have their own scholarship applications. See full listing here .

When other opportunities or applications are recommended based on your profile, they will show up on your personalized dashboard. These may require answers to additional questions, essays, or letters of reference and will often have their own associated deadlines.

If you would like to apply for the General University Scholarship, there is an additional application which requires essay questions and the name and email address of the person who will write your Letter of Recommendation. If you are eligible to apply, you will find this application in your list of Recommended Opportunities after you submit this General Application.

Sign in to your UO Scholarship Dashboard regularly to check your application status and learn of new opportunities.

You can save your application at any time by clicking Save and Keep Editing at the bottom of the form. Save your application often so that your work isn’t lost!

Once completed, you can submit your application by clicking Finish and Submit. You can make updates to your submitted application until the deadline.

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Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
$6,500 annual award for undergraduates Diversity Excellence Scholarship (Transfers Only)
The Diversity Excellence Scholarship (DES) recognizes the academic...
$1,000 to $4,000 one-time award General University Scholarship (Transfers Only)
Award Information General University Scholarships are awarded on the...
Awards range from $4000-$6000/year Health-Related Wiese Scholarship Fund
Awarded to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who have an...
One year award ranging $5,000 - $9,000 Opportunity Through Excellence
Opportunity Through Excellence: Fund The Dream Scholarship Eligible...
Award Amount Varies Osher & Crankstart Re-Entry Scholarships
The Bernard Osher and Crankstart Re-entry Scholarship are awarded to...
Awards range from $4000-$6000/year Pre-Dental Bleakney Scholarship Fund
The Bleakney Pre-Dental Scholarship is awarded to outstanding...
Award amounts vary from $1500-$4000 UO Pre-Medical Scholarship
The Pre-Medical Scholarships are awarded to outstanding undergraduate...
$500 Kimble First-Year Teaching Award
The Kimble First-Year Teaching Award, named in honor of professor...