Diversity Excellence Scholarship (Transfers Only)

The Diversity Excellence Scholarship (DES) recognizes the academic achievement and potential of students who, through sharing their varied cultural perspectives, will enhance the excellence of the University. The University of Oregon offers these scholarships as part of our diversity mission.

This application is only for Undergraduate Transfer students and Post- Baccalaureate students applying for Spring/Summer/Fall 2024 admissions

Award Information

Annual award amounts are $6,500 for undergraduate students and is renewable with the length of eligibility based on the recipient’s grade level at the time of awarding. The student must be full time in order to receive the award. The DES may be reduced if combined with some tuition-remission programs such as Student Support Services Scholarship, Osher/Crankstart Re-Entry Scholarships and University of Oregon staff tuition rates.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Apply for admission by March 15
  • Only domestic and Dreamer students are eligible to receive the Diversity Excellence Scholarship (international students may not receive this particular scholarship)
  • Have financial need as defined by federal and state guidelines
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or greater

How to Apply

  • Submit this application by April 1.
  • Your online reference must also be submitted no later than April 1.
  • Submit your FAFSA or ORSAA (listing UO as a school) by April 1. The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is an online application for students who are US citizens, Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) or other eligible non-citizens. The ORSAA (Oregon Student Aid Application) is an alternative to the FAFSA for Dreamer students including students who have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status or Temporary Protected Status (TPS) as well as other undocumented students.
  • Send in your Official Transcripts to the Office of Admissions by April 1

Selection Criteria

Scholarship recipients are selected by the Diversity Excellence Scholarship selection committee based on the following:

  • Past academic performance
  • Participation in campus or community activities
  • Consideration given to the following: financial need as defined by federal guidelines, an individual’s ability to contribute to diversity, first generation of the family to attend college
  • Preference given to Oregon residents

Scholarship Renewal

To maintain scholarship eligibility, you must:

  • Maintain full-time student status
  • Maintain a minimum 3.00 UO GPA
  • Make satisfactory progress toward completion of a degree
  • Meet regularly with a scholarship advisor

Award Notification

Recipients will be notified in mid June.

$6,500 annual award for undergraduates
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Supplemental Questions
  1. This application is only Incoming Transfer or Post-Baccalaureate Students applying to UO for Spring/Summer/Fall 2024 admission.
  2. Reference Request: Provide the name and email address for an individual who will be able to provide a reference for you. This person may be a school official, a member of a community organization, an employer, or any other non-family member. They will be asked to speak to your performance and potential as a student or as a leader, provide examples of ways that you have shown leadership or contributed to your community or family, and speak to your strengths and ability to overcome adversity.

    You should reach out to this individual personally at least 10 days before the April 1 deadline so that they can talk with you about your request and have plenty of time to get it submitted.

  3. The University of Oregon values diversity and seeks to foster equity and inclusion in a welcoming, safe, and respectful community. With the Diversity Excellence Scholarship, we support UO students who use their identities and experiences to enhance the excellence and education of all students at the University.

    Essay 1: What do you think is a critical diversity-related issue facing your community and what would you do to address the issue? How do elements of your identity and experience influence your solution?

  4. Essay 2: Diversity Excellence Scholarship recipients are responsible, engaged members on their campus and in their communities. Tell us about a time you took initiative to solve a problem or meet a need in your community, family or environment. What was a challenge you encountered in this experience and how did you learn from it?
  5. Essay 3: Every academic journey requires an adjustment period or transition. What barriers or challenges do you anticipate facing as a University of Oregon student? What strategies or resources have you used in the past that will help you succeed academically moving forward?
  6. I understand that in addition to submitting the Diversity Excellence Scholarship application by April 1, a letter of reference must be submitted by my recommender by April 1. I authorize the university to share the reference submitted on my behalf to the selection committee for review as part of my application materials.
  7. I understand that financial need is a factor in selection for the Diversity Excellence Scholarship and my 2024-25 FAFSA or ORSAA listing the University of Oregon must be submitted by April 1.
  8. I understand that my past academic records are part of selection and that I must have a least a 3.00 cumulative GPA in order to meet the minimum requirements for this award. I also understand that all of my official academic transcripts must be submitted to the UO Office of Admissions no later than April 1 in order to receive full consideration for this opportunity.
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